Our planning services differentiate us from the pack


 In the past the industry gave away advice and charged for products. Today the table is flipped, we now give away products and charge for advice. Many tasks that were arduous, and where an adviser spent 40% to 50% of their time—like figuring out a risk profile, portfolio re balancing, tax-loss harvesting—we have automated. This frees up time for the planner to help define realistic goals and what needs to be done to achieve them. 

Our Process for planning or making recommendations begins with the same simple steps:


All planning begins with the same starting point. We work inclusively to get an accurate and complete inventory of you current state. This includes Net Worth, Goals, Income, Savings, Health, Family members, and lifestyle. We use an online secure portal to gather this information. (FINANCIAL PLANNING)


 A risk assessment of the current state of your assets is performed. This requires an accurate inventory of current assets, and are the items captured in the net worth section of the financial planning software in Step 1. We then do a complete stress testing. View this 1 minute video to get an initial understanding of what this means.(ASSET STRESS TESTING)


 A risk assessment for determining your current personal risk tolerance is completed. We use an online secure portal to gather and assess this information. Please complete the questionnaire. The email address and name in the completion process will inform us you have completed the questionnaire. Please take a few minute with this, as it is important. (PERSONAL RISK TOLERANCE)   


 We assemble the results from the information gathered. We can now analyze and make and educated recommendation as to how we can be of service to you.


Implement the recommendations

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